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Malgus, I do agree with you on the young going along with the orders but we will see what happens when there own family members get shot of killed.

In the U. S. we have people from all over the world so things will not be the same as what has happen in other countries. I still think that many more will turn and that is the reason why we hear that the UN is preparing to help O. Also the reason O has fired so many in the top brass and the reason for Homeland Security. Have you read that every agency of the government is buying ammo but not much news on the military buying ammo. All of these fact are pointing that there is still a problem for O with the military.

We will see Malgus, I truly hope you are not right on this one. We need some to turn to win. It looks like not many on the forum think like I do on this subject so if you guys are right then the U. S. may go down. I am not going anywhere so I will go down with it.

I still believe in all of us. Malgus & 74 never stop hitting me hard on the forum, this is the only way to see what all sides are thinking. This is what America is about, the freedom to disagree!