@ freedom,

One quarter right. The US dollar is the reserve currency of the world. Not going into a long-drawn out explanation, but the short version is – Dollar was tied to gold at Bretton Woods late in WWII. All other currencies were tied to the dollar, and thus gold. Nixon broke the Bretton Woods Agreement in August of ’71. Which means the worth of the dollar is only measured in comparison to other currencies. The dollar was adopted as the world’s reserve currency when the British Pound Sterling was dethroned at Bretton Woods. By default, it is used for oil trading, not because of it.

Once it gets replaced as world’s reserve currency, we won’t be able to pay our international bills anymore with phony-baloney fiat currency that was just made up into existence 5 minutes ago by the Red Shield Fed. Once that happens… well…

The US gets the vast majority of its oil from Venezuela, not the Middle East. We only get 3% of our oil from Iraq. However, since OPEC sets the price of oil, whether we buy from the ME or not doesn’t really matter… they still set the prices. And this “war for oil” nonsense… we’ve been over there long enough so that some guys can actually retire from the military, having done nothing else. But I haven’t seen the price of heating oil, gasoline, kerosene, etc, go down at all… in fact, it’s gone way up. If we keep getting involved over in the ME because of oil, then why doesn’t the price drop?

@ Mark

1) The mooslimes are blowing each other to bits over a disagreement over a minor bit of theological dogma as I write this…. Having them all unite to form one big Islamist super-state? Not in my lifetime…
2) You assume something can save the US economy. Wrong. Nothing can save the US economy. The only reason why it’s still gimping along is because the banksters and shysters still have a bit of wealth they want to loot from us before our economy implodes. Why else would the Red Shield Fed be pumping 85 billion a month into Wall Street? All that cash is being held by the smaller banks. If it hit the streets, Mr. & Mrs. American will be in deep **** – hyperinflation that would make Weimar Germany look tame by comparison…
3) I don’t much care about anything beyond my immediate family, the preps I’m socking away, my neighbors (to form some type of communal defensive group) and our little community here. Meaning: I care about the things I can affect. The mooslimes can blast each other to tiny bits… less I have to worry about. Tired of being Israel’s *****, too. If they want to fight someone, then let them. Don’t care anymore. The US is going down regardless of what any of us does – it’s just a matter of when and what’s going to kick it off.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1