As for the military following orders–and the populace going along–remember Germany in Hitler’s time. They ignored the screams of the Jews in the boxcars, being told they were “political criminals”, “enemies of the state” etc. In hard times, most people just go along with the leadership either out of ignorance, fear, or apathy. Just wanting to get their next ration of food and another day of life (such as it may be.) Not wanting to disrupt the illusion that all is normal–or will return to normalcy soon.

I have very little hope that many Americans will rise to the call the way the Thinkers did back in 1776. No one knows how to think analytically any more. Just passive gawkers at the media, believing it to be the facts. Yes, I’m discouraged and cynical. How did he get back in for a 2nd term? That alone proves how far we have fallen from our foundations.