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74, That sounds to good to be true for them(government) but there will be millions shooting back at them and when that happens the military will shoot back, war will happen and many in the military will find out that there family or family member got killed by a military guy just like them. There will be a break down and all hell will happen. I know this for a fact since I know many that are in the military and they tell me all hell will happen and the military will break up.

The lies to them do not work, I know this also for a fact, it has not worked in any of the communist countries. In Cuba the military doesn’t get guns or rifles with ammo. Castro only gives ammo to the true believers in him and there are not many. Many would turn on him. O knows this. In China there military also doesn’t get weapons with ammo only a select group does. What this does is make the rest feel that the military will all go along with the orders but this is all a lie.

If China would give it’s military weapons with ammo the government would not last long.

So O needs the UN because the UN will kill Americans but this may also turn on them. Control is not easy and the U. S. cities will be a war that they will not be able to handle.