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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>matt76 wrote:</div>The problem is this issue was caused by the federal government with the dream act. They will stop at no end to cya. The first sign of major violence and feds will be deployed. Cali probably has the largest population of latino gangs and most of them are not far from where this is taking place. If they think for one second they can get away with it they will show up for “suport”. I agree they will start riots and retaliation killings in LA and San Diego. If this fire starts it will spread very quickly and may be hard to put out. It may also be the catalyst obama is looking for to declare Marshall law.

Nationwide martial law is not possible, even Obama knows it won’t work. Certainly it might inflame calls for more “gun control,” but in the end, I think race riots/war would serve to severely weaken, not strengthen the federal government. Realistically, the US Army might be able to control a single region of the country, but no more. Not to mention that many in the military have their…. own… ideas about who’s right in what way.

For instance, this conflict might inform us:


Notice how the early stages of the war were already starting even while the USSR was “going strong,” and had a full KGB and army presence. Also notice the role local and republic (USSR republic=US state) leaders played key roles, including defying Moscow (Washington).