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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>matt76 wrote:</div>I saw an article on this today too. This could get very ugly very quickly. I think it will depend on how the feds handle the situation. If they start beating protesters it may very well start a war. La Raza is another concern. The picture in your article shows members in a semi military looking uniform and the bandannas bring to mind the look of gang bangers. It is a bit of a stereo type but with emotions on edge it just seems inciting. La Raza is known for being radical, not a good mix. I also expect to see states start taking measures to protect themselves. If the federal government starts going after the states we may well see citizens showing up in mass to back the states.

I think that radicals can direct the conversation/course of action a lot more than we expect. So, even if most Latinos and most white people (and black people) in an area don’t want a conflict, radicals who start shooting may cause a sort of vortex that drags everyone in. I think this would be my worst case scenario:

1. Someone brings a gun/knife to one of the heated rallies.
2. Someone dies or is badly maimed.
3. Other group acts out and demonstrations grow in size. Retribution may ensue.
4. Conflict gets more violent, retributions and counter retributions start becoming norm.
5. People in other parts of the country learn about this. Some may begin their own riots in cities, while other people may pour in from other areas to “back up” their brethren.”
6. Size of demonstrations grows, becomes more violent. Maybe more deaths.
7. Ability of local law enforcement to respond is overwhelmed. Possibly some cops may take one side or another.
8. Even more deaths, conflict spreads through town, maybe even entire region.
9. Black and Latino tensions are brought to a head in other parts of California, and explodes into massive rioting.
10. California Law Enforcement totally overwhelmed. State/feds mobilize national guard/army.
11. Californian economy takes severe beating, and massive property damage.
12. Armed troops put down violence, but irreparable damage to property remains, and new groups are formed. Basis for much worse conflict now laid. Conflict will explode again in force once the national/global economy collapses.

That is the worst case scenario for me. Sure it is far fetched, but increasingly only by a little bit.

And I agree, Rick Perry (among many governors) and local sheriffs and mayors are something to watch. If local and state politicians feel their people are being attack, they may take action without consulting the feds. Realistically, the feds can only do so much, especially if riots break out nationwide, and/or the issue becomes more public.

I am starting to think the end is near now.