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Old first aid manuals are a great idea, and could prove to be more practical under a SHTF scenario given limited resources that would be available to most of us. I have tucked away a few old books of a technical nature for “just in case” purposes. I go to our library’s book sales and for $.25 each always come home with an armful of old books for $4 or $5 that I think are worth holding onto. Some are history based, others classics (children & adult), and occasionally I do find a great reference or technical book of some sort. I have held onto a 1950’s set of Americana encyclopedias that have a wealth of old detail on many things. I have so many books (a couple thousand maybe) that it has occurred to me that I could equip a library post-SHTF in the old one room schoolhouse across the way from me if it were to be put back in operation for the kids in our hamlet. I’d love to find old first aid books.