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I envy those of you that have defined groups. I wish I did. My set up & location is far better than anyone else in my family but I don’t expect any of my siblings, niece, or nephews will look to come here. My prepping ways was a source of amusement for all but one brother, and he’s deceased. They all live from 3 to 10 hours away under normal circumstances anyway. I desperately want for my daughter & her family to come to my place when the SHTF but they’re way down in NC and by time they realize its time to leave they might not be able to make it here. They humor me but they don’t really think an economic collapse or WWIII is coming. In their case I pray that I have the wisdom to know when it’s time so that I can maybe convince them to just humor me and get up here pronto. My son & his wife are only 100 miles away and he definitely will come if he can make it. He’s a prepper/survivalist and in some ways is way ahead of me in seeing through all of the issues. He has a group and they have a prepped location that they can hole up in for a good amount of time. I haven’t seen it nor do I even know exactly where it is but he says it isn’t as good as my location. He is an excellent judge of people and I trust him implicitly, and so I told him he can bring his group to my place. He has brought them here so that they could assess it themselves (and perhaps assess me too) and they see it as superior to what they have, but the issue is whether they’d be able to make it that 100 miles (which includes a State border crossing). Otherwise my plans include organizing my neighbors after the SHTF. Until then I’d just be a crazy person. So, I will keep on working to improve my skills, my preps, and our resiliency and deal with the situation however it unfolds.