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Robin’s comment about cow paths is a reminder to actually drive the proposed routes, not just view them on a map. Back when we lived in Western MA I was concerned about potential State border closings and how I would get to our place in VT. What I did was view maps to identify all of the roads going into VT from MA, and then began to drive them. These were roads used only by locals and I figured would be very low priorities for any kind of border closure. Most were dirt roads and didn’t even have signs to indicate when you crossed the border. I only knew when I started seeing mostly VT plates as I came upon homes. There are lots of what are legally roads still from colonial days but which aren’t more than paths in the woods that vehicles can’t manage. In my testing of routes there was one time in which I thought I’d soon enough be backing up to get out of one of those situations but it turned out to be passable all the way still. Another time I thought I must have missed a turn because I was sure I was literally driving through someone’s farm, but it was in fact a public road. You can’t go fast on these country roads but you won’t encounter a traffic jam with panicked folks trying to flee the cities either.