Thank you, Malgus. I’ve been very worried the last few months. The economy in South Africa is now falling apart. The crime and political tensions can felt in the street. People are becoming less scared to speak openly about their feelings. Communities are also becoming more organised in their goals.

South Africa today – It is in their culture to rape, kill, steal, they simply do not understand, have not got the mental capacity, they get emotional –mop mentality, think the world owes them, they have been told that for years now. They cannot look after themselves or their animals, even plants. They cannot create their own jobs or factories, schools or hospitals…. Not even weapons, let alone build an plane or fly one. They even kill each other. And most of them are racist. The Zulu’s hates the Xhosa’s. The South-African Black hates the Zimbabweans, Somali’s, Congolese. And most blacks hate white people.
Most white people are educated and live in houses, not shacks. Most white people can look after themselves. Treat their animals with respect. Know the weather and know how to farm. My family came to South Africa in 18th century. Well, most of them have left the country about 10 years ago. They are working as engineers; doctors in medical field, specialist in IT..Are all over the world, from England, Europe, America, New Zealand and Australia.
All the cultures have all been working together for years. And in most places, the ordinary citizens get along very well. You are forced to work with incompetent people often – you learn to guide them in the right direction of thought, explain the simplest of things over and over again. And learn Africa time. White people are still involved in privately owned business that is being run successful for the simple reason that there are still a demand for their skills and service. They do not strike. The government’s municipalities cannot provide the most basic services to the people because they haven’t got the skills, even if they to have the qualification, they still lack in leadership and or business skills.
The ANC government and EFF party (one of his latest public comments link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaPNR_CsVUY#t=16 ) are involved with organised crime and murders of white South African citizens. They govern the country into poverty and blame it on the white people. Every single day white people get attacked in their houses in the cities and farms. They will kill you simply because you are white. They will torture you first if you are older than fifty.
I know we are not safe. I know most white people would like to leave the country. Silly thought s sometimes pop into my head like If only a can get my child out of the country. A neighbor defended himself three days ago against four armed robbers in his house. He wounded one. Blood trail in the street. Friendly reminder- keep your weapon on your body, not in the safe.
The daily hijackings, robberies and theft do not future in the news. An old lady got stabbed with a screw driver this morning in her home in Centurion. Why not just rob the old people that can barely walk let alone post a threat.

At this stage most white people are simply fighting to survive economically, working hard and trying to be safe. Most robberies in Gauteng now happening 24/7 – day and night.

Malgus – please know that I do appreciate your concern.and everybody’s on this wonderful forum. Know that all the skills and knowledge you share helps us to survive in Africa as well. And the maybe the thought that we are not alone..?