Ya, forgot to mention the grips, just couldn’t get the feel of the factory grips so they got swapped out.
Note that the grips on the starboard side of the gun are sitting heavily to the rear.

The stock internals (sear, disconnector, etc) are MIM parts, and as such were replaced.
MIM is a funny process, depending on part design it can be perfectly acceptable, in other places it just can’t handle the stress. The part may last 5 rounds, or 50,000 but you never know.

The barrel as mentioned was fit decently both at the hood and bushing but it wouldn’t group.
The replacement was a GI chrome lined barrel I had in a parts bin stashed away, the bushing a National Match bushing that I fit to the gun/barrel.

A couple of magazines informally shot at 100Y and it grouped much better, the sights still reek but all of the shots were within 2′, not bad for junk ball to test function. I’ll take it out with some of my target ammo next and see what it will really do. Better sights will help immensely, I must be getting older, that high polish front sight just turned into one big reflective glob on the slide.