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Whirlibird, it is not at all what Communists do. In the U.S.S.R., in World War II, for example, the government squads went all over the countryside to loot the farmers and bring that loot to the cities. They did not feed only the troops. The people of Moscow and all other cities except Leningrad were decently fed (Leningrad was impossible to supply because it was besieged). Many people I have known lived in Russian cities then and assure me that there was no lack of food in any major city. Millions of farmers, on the other hand, were allowed to starve.

What you have said is logical, but it is not what happened. Stalin’s government had a different logic.

Note also that, at present, the U.S. Govt.’s policy is to destroy all Mom and Pop farms and ranches and to make enormous swaths of land off-limits to people. The Govt. is pushing hard to concentrate us in cities. If you insist on staying on your homestead you WILL be ousted one way or another.

The way to survival is absolutely in the cities.