<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Malgus wrote:</div>Whirl,

I hear ya bro… just poking you with a pointy stick. For some reason, I enjoy doing that. Probably because you remind me of me. Don’t mean nothin by it.

Ain’t no stranger to getting bit by a handgun. Bought a Walther PP once. Used, but still in the box. Nice gun. Too bad every time I shot the thing, the slide came back and cut my thumb. The grooves on the slide meant to facilitate a good grip in chambering a round did a good impression of a sawblade and just sliced me. Nothing I did could stop it – dehorning, switching up my grip.. nothing. Don’t believe in guns that make me bleed, so I sold it.

Here’s a pic of the Walther PP. See that red dot? I think that’s some of my blood. :) If you run your thumb along that edge, it is damn sharp.

Too bad y’all live so far away… wouldn’t mind pulling a cork with ya and shootin the ****.. .

I have a funny feeling we have crossed paths before.
Your mention of Denver gunshows has me trying to figure out what shop you are in. Was in the metro area for 14 years, used to work for QPR a lifetime ago.

Hmm, school of trades….

That PP brings back memories, the last one I had was my grandfathers. It tore me up. Finally gave up on it and handed it over to my sister, keep it in the family.