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I have talked about the border and cartels in other threads but this is the first time I have seen an actual LE report from an incident. Might be because I have never really looked for one. At any rate this report makes it easy to see why cartels are so feared. The hardware these guys have access to is impressive. I mean what the heck were they firing that blew volleyball sized holes in the maroon SUV on the last page of the report? It did not appear to be an explosive since the vehicle wasn’t charred. I live about 7 hours from the boarder and I don’t see them as an immediate threat but during a major SHTF scenario it would not suprise me to eventually see them this far North.

We law abiding citizens do not posses the types of munitions they do because well we are law abiding citizens. I believe you would be hard pressed to find enough well armed Joe citizens in a small community willing to stand and fight whilst seeing that kind of carnage being dealt to their friends. That takes training and experience. Not to mention a considerably larger group than the force they are fighting.