I disagree.

People who pooh pooh gun ownership and automatically dismiss 100 million armed riflemen in this country are forgetting several somethings…

1. We just brought the entire military might of the US down on Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, we’re leaving. They are still there, their will unbroken, and we are left with several thousand dead, multiples of thousands maimed and wounded, and minus a mountain of treasure. We didn’t “win”.

2. If you can’t kill a tank or a plane or helicopter, then you go after it’s support. You go after the fuel trucks, the spare parts, and, if you can’t get to them, then you go after the guys who maintain the machines. A plane or a helicopter cannot fly without maintenance. Abrams tanks can only go remarkably short distances without receiving maintenance.

3. In 4G warfare, nobody is off limits. It’s ugly, dirty, distasteful, but if you think it won’t happen, you’re fooling yourself. If you cannot get to the guys who maintain the vehicles, then you can get to their families. If someone takes a grease monkey’s family hostage, what do you think he will do to get them back? Drop a bolt into a jet turbine? Not tighten an oil drain plug all the way? Crimp shut an oil supply line with a pair of pliers? There’s a million parts in some of these vehicles, and that means a million ways to sabotage them… or maybe he just up and leaves. Never comes back. Nobody to do maintenance = you don’t fly or your tank doesn’t move.

4. The War of the Flea. Might want to read it. It’s back in print. It explains things better than I ever could…


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1