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While all the major global economies will likely be collapsed (or at least severely depressed) if the US crashes, I think Russia will be one of the least bad places to be. If anything, Russians survived the 1990s, and can do it again if need be.

Plus, unlike the 90’s, Russia has a better leader. Whatever you think of Putin, you have to admit he is still more component than the man who got drunk on public television (Yeltsin).

I think the main question here is China. If China can somehow (by some miracle) keep it’s economy more or less intact after a US collapse, there is still hope that Russia and Europe can plug into Chinese growth, and still have more or less functional economies. If China goes down with the US, then you might be looking at total worldwide super depression.

For that matter, a new Balkans war coupled with a civil war in China would make things even worse for the rest of the world.