Good points.

My ideal “world” is small community outside the city, where members are very good connected (relatives or friends) know each other for years, practice stuff together etc.
Place with natural resources like water ,wild animals, land, fuel etc.

Being alone in wilderness is impossible for me, maybe there are folks who are capable to survive for years alone in wild, I am not one of them.

Like MountainBiker mentioned above, we also can easily block few roads that coming in, and defend there.

Now I find this solution best in case of SHTF. I am not saying it is impossible to survive in the city, I did it, we organized there too, in impossible conditions, and survived.
I am simply talking about price that we have to pay, it is gonna be probably much higher in city.

In some events where there still some kind of law, maybe towns gonna have some organization I doubt. In that case being in town under some protection sounds better then being in wilderness without protection. But it only look like that, I have high doubts in “organized protection” (when some kind of authority organize it), I would still like to be out of big center, and taking care about my security and safety with my own means.