It all depends on what happens.

Just having moved from a rural area, 2000 in town and 12,000 in the entire county, a 50 mile one way to Walmart, I can say that even in the good times, it’s hard to impossible, unless you already have your money.

Jobs? Few and far between. Those that exist, are poorly paying at best.
Our grocery? Sad when compared to where we moved. The prices were ridiculous, the selection was limited at best, and the hours? We made the 100 mile round trip just to save money and time.

Acceptance by the locals? Unless you are from there, don’t bet on it.
I was in the area for 10 years and still wasn’t accepted.
Heck my hometown of 7000 people would look at me funny after being gone for over 20 years.
You’re not just moving into a rural area and being accepted, especially after a bad situation, let alone shtf.

Gents, there have long been accounts of raiders/crooks/murderers headed to the sticks to find easier targets.
The houses being fewer and farther between is a disadvantage for security purposes and leaves you highly vulnerable.

Here’s a couple of interesting reads:




Now granted these articles are about Africa, but the invasions, the takeovers, the rape and murders are the same.
And these places are only in the long drawn out grind phase of shtf, what happens if the .gov completely topples there? In the long run, something better, but short term I doubt there’s going to be anywhere safe, urban or rural.
Look at the farms and ranches near the border today, is this another look at history for those who haven’t learned from it?