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I agree with Tweva. As one who also already lives on a “homestead” and has 30+ years of having a foot in both worlds. I think I have said before that being VERY remote has problems. Drs and schools, towns and hospitals are very handy. You need them in easy driving distance. While living on a small farm I raised two kids, put them thru College, and they both had jobs in our “medium” size town at one stage. Very much a foot in both worlds. Our small local hospital is very good ( well.. as good as any) for which I am very grateful. My family has used it many times over the years. My son was born there. Years later..he worked there….

If you are so remote you have no near neighbours… you are vulnerable if discovered.. as occurs in Argentina and Africa. In a SHTF situation neighbours will quickly band together as it is very much in everybodys interest. IMO you don’t want to be near any BIG city . The more targets and resources between you and the urban horde.. the better. To be cynical.. you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your companion. Within my area I am at the end of a dirt road, and my house is not visible from the road. ( Of course everything is visible with Google.. but that requires a degree of technology).

In the right country, in the right location, a “homestead” is the way to go for LONG TERM survival. In the end you have to eat, ( water and shelter are a given). Also, ideally, several families working/ living together.