Here’s my latest toy. It’s an assisted opening folder called the Shenanigan Z designed by Ken Onion for CRKT.
Feels light weight, but well balanced in the hand. Blade length is 3.25″ but looks a bit longer, and opens fast and smooth. Overall open length is 8.25″, and closed length is 4.875″. The blade has a bead blast finish, and is a modified drop point.

I’ve always liked the drop or modified drop points on a knife, because to me it cuts easier and deeper with less force. This appears to be well made. Not too heavy in the pocket, and yet large enough to feel like you have a good hold on her. It comes in two styles, with the “saw-teeth” and without. And one of the things I especially like about his knives is that they are relatively inexpensive for a quality blade like this. Less than $60.

Generally, speaking the only major problem I have with it is that, like all tools, they design them primarily for right-handed people. Otherwise, I’m pretty impressed with it. A great EDC knife

You can find these on their website at: http://www.crkt.com/ShenaniganPPS“>

 photo CRKT96dpi.jpg” alt=”CRKT Knife” />