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tweva, for me it will have to be for now the city. My 19 year old is in Florida International University or FIU which is 2 miles away and she is studying medicine there so I need to be close for now. If I see that SHTF and the grid goes down then if the car still works we may leave to Key West were my sister lives, Key West is a small town and people there will not run out of food since there is more fish then you can handle.

That will be my plan if I am able to get there. Here at home I do have enough food for 10 people for about 1 1/2 and a hand well pump, about 300 gallons of water stored and you know that it rains a lot here so I have it setup with rain barrels. I have many fruit trees and my garden it getting better. Storing a lot of seeds. I since need to save for the solar system.

Home security is also getting better. The house is getting all new hurricane impact windows which are very hard to break, Can withstand a 2×4 going at 150 miles an hour and the 2×4 only breaks a small hole but the window stays and doesn’t come down. For additional security I will add to all the windows the old steel shutters which are impossible to break. This will make the house secure to a point. The house has two fireplaces so I too am saving wood right now. Inside I have a gas range so am saving propane gas tanks for 2 years worth of cooking.

Well I will add more later to this post.