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Well Selco hit the nail on the head. That’s the problem with a lot of commentary and advice that is now everywhere and that readers and participants on sites have to remember.

There are different levels of SHTF scenarios right? What one person, in one particular country, in one particular area, with one particular background sees as being or believes is a SHTF or will be ‘the’ SHhittingTF is so very different from even the person sitting or living right next to him/her. That is my only problem with the FerFal man’s video.

Humans don’t like the unknown. So, we draw parallels, extrapolate, wonder, think and try and predict the future. Nothing wrong with that at all. But for me, I realized a few years ago that I was driving myself crazy and wasting a lot of energy constantly trying to digest all the news of the day and the various viewpoints and predictions and parallel drawing to see my way ahead. I decided to just calm down, spend more time listening to that little voice inside/(‘gut feelings’? perhaps) that has always seemed to stand me in good stead; and less to everything else.

Am I prepared for all the many, many scenarios that may arise in the near or distant future? Absolutely not. Will I ever be? Hell no. Do I worry the gangs and mobs may overrun my little corner of the world here in this tiny, tiny community? Somewhat in the darker hours, but it does not keep me awake at night, right or wrong. My bigger fear, personally, is Mother Nature’s wrath. In my opinion she is a breathtakingly more powerful instrument of God’s will and thus scarier than any gang or mob could ever be. I read about the concerns that the poles may shift in the not to distant future- even a small amount – and imagine what that would do – and that idea, little talked about, is something that would truly be a SHTF! In the end you have to do the best you can and live your life being the best version of a good human that you can manage.

OK – my rant for the day.

People who consider buying/moving to a ‘homestead’ (itself a loosely defined term really) without consideration of how to support oneself are just not logical people. It is only common sense that the farther you go from larger concentrations of humanity (the market for whatever skills, services or products you will trade – no for fiat money – to purchase what you need to survive/live) the harder it will be for most to develop a fiat money income stream. But, with the internet it has opened up more possibilities for people that are not independently wealthy or have no debt, own their own place and have stores and savings. But eventually, as whirlibird says, yes you will (or your family will) need stuff only to be found closer to where there are more people. I found a property years ago I fell in love with completely, but the idea of what it would take to go and fetch items I felt I would eventually need and not be able to produce myself even now, much less say if there was no electricity/gas or even just a large snow storm? A big no – for me. James Wesley, Rawles? Not a problem – for him.

I think if many of my fellow humans that see all the unpleasantness/impending chaos – you pick – on the horizon and can visualize all the various scenarios would spend an equal amount of time in quiet, listening to that ‘little voice’ or whatever equal to time spent in speculation of the future – what is best for you and the best path to achieve that would be a lot more clear and people’s souls a bit more calm.

PS – even now I would not let someone take me to our local hospital. It is known to be a MURSA factory. You survive whatever put you there only to die from MURSA. If they couldn’t or wouldn’t take me to a different hospital farther away with a better history? Unhuh. And, don’t you think Mel Tappan knew the chances he would die at his retreat were fairly good since he was farther away than most from a hospital. Whirlibird, didn’t he die so young because he had become obese, wheelchair-bound which all ended in congestive heart failure? He surely knew his prognosis and could have done something about it if he had wanted to right? Sorry for long post. Done now.