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Thank you bejammin for opening up to us. America has never gone though what will happen. If America comes out of this then it will become even stronger then it has ever been.

I still believe in America and believe that many will fight for it. Many neighbors will get together and fight, I know this for a fact. When hurricane Andrew when though South Florida neighbors that I never talk to came out to help like you have never seen, and all of us were doing whatever we had to to help others. When SHTF this maybe what the government is not prepared for. They truly think we are only for our self’s and do not care for our neighbors but this is not true. Americans just live a life of not having enough time for our neighbors but when the SHTF there will be more time then we can handle which will change everything.

I saw this! and that was just a hurricane. So we have to have hope and prepare not only for your self but prepare for your neighbors which will need us when SHTF and believe me they will help you back, I saw it here when I had extra water and can foods and helped them they did many thing back for me, they opened up and some of them when they have time still remember the bond that happened. I do think that South Florida will do a little better because of all the hurricanes. But I think this is going to happen all over the country neighbors will become real neighbors helping each other.

So remember to prepare for others too, our neighbors are asleep right now but when the time comes they will awaken.