Paintball doesn’t come within 40 miles of the genuine article – neither does the Army’s MILES gear.. anyone with more than 5 minutes in the army knows how to hotwire the emitter… Sim rounds at close range have a passing relationship with the genuine article, but I’ve only used those in MOUT training… those at least sting like hell and leave a mark.

I can’t add much more to the previous posts, except a few caveats..

– Most times, throwing one grenade doesn’t do ****. Throw just one, it will probably come back in your direction. Either kicked back or thrown back. Grenades are cheap – throw several.
– When you’re outnumbered, booby traps are your friends.
Always leave yourself an exit.
– There’s no shame in running like hell.
– Don’t get caught spectating. It’s nice to have downrange feedback, but if you sit there looking at your handiwork, someone will probably send some payback your way… might want to move.
– Don’t forget your Z axis. Front, back, left and right are good… but don’t forget above and below.
– No matter who you “know” is behind you, have the last guy turn around and watch your ass.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1