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Yesterday I ran into the pastor of some friends and we had a interesting consecration. After greetings he mentioned some old research books which were offered to him which he wished now he had accepted as he realizes everything he does – his work – is on his computer now and “that could be gone in an instant”. He started describing what I said sounded like an EMP. At any rate he was saying it was good to look ahead and prepare. He talked about defense and asked my opinion on Christian ethics for self defense. We spoke about South African Pastor Charl Van Wyk’s book “Shooting Back” and I mentioned a statistic that he had not heard (most haven’t) that there have been more people killed in Church shootings than in school shootings in the USA. At one point his said he thought we were going to go to war. When I asked if he meant in the middle east he said not, right here at home, people are bing pushed by the government and he felt they would not take too much more. It was an interesting conversation.