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Well Mr. Red, I live on a small farm. The amount of free time I have, even in winter (only slightly more) is next to nothing. Growing food, processing it, rotating and keeping track of it takes a lot of time. I use solar to power my lights, my freezer and other stuff even now. That takes time to monitor and maintain. Animal care, feeding, breeding and birthing is more time. Cutting, splitting and stacking firewood for the wood stove is a year round, weekly event. Basically, here, I don’t have a lot of free time to worry to much about entertaining myself.

I read – a lot every evening before bed and in the morning before I head out. I don’t watch TV, or a device/videos etc now unless I need help with how to do something on youtube. I purposefully changed and simplified my diet so that I could survive and still enjoy eating and not ‘miss’ stuff. Wrote a post here about it. Encourage people to do it. You’ll probably lose weight as a side benefit. I don’t eat fast food ever anyway. I don’t care for chocolate much or sweets so I’m fortunate.

I do collect books and have a large library for all ages. I went to art school at one point years ago and have quite a supply of art and even craft supplies if needed to occupy younger folk. I do also have homeschooling materials for young people, although I don’t have kids. Paper, pens and pencils and old school business supplies including a functioning manual typewriter – yes.

I installed a solar hot water heater 3 years ago – works great so I don’t have to worry about it unless I have to go up and change out a panel (have extras stored in small Faraday room).

Personally, my comforts are books, my glass of wine (I am growing grapes to give wine making a shot some day when I have time, now easiest to store a few cases) and evenings talking to my friends while we are helping accomplish someone’s project. Much different life now than I lead when I traveled all over Central/SAmerica/Caribbean etc and lived in a city. Much simpler. Hard work but I like that.

I wouldn’t store anything except educational stuff for kids. I’d make sure they had more than enough chores to keep them busy and learn the value of hard work and a job well done to the best of their ability. We didn’t have lots of ‘things’ to keep us ‘entertained’ when I was growing up. Only 3 TV stations anyway, our viewing show was limited to 1 show a week and the thing turned to snow at 11 or 12PM. We played in the woods or with each other (ok maybe a ball of some sort for some games)….made forts, built small dams and ponds in good weather, snow forts, and other stuff in bad. My mother was very good at making sure the four of us were never idle. Keeping the mind busy and occupied and the body moving goes a long way towards relieving stress and tension – and ensuring a good nights sleep. In my idea of SHTF, unless you are in a city and forced to hole up somewhere, I don’t think people will have lots of spare time to worry about the entertainment part much. Ideas of what makes ‘comfort’ are going to change of necessity I would think.

If Selco had a stack of dry firewood for a month in his house and a case of MRE’s he probably would have looked at that as ‘comforting’! Maybe I’m wrong.