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Today I spent 2 hours futzing around with 250 reloaded 5.56 rounds I put together a few weeks ago. Everything was fine untill my son bought his AR. First day at the range with the new gun he has repeated FTF (failure to feed). I’m thinking it is a mag problem, but he’s looking at the brass. He’s shooting all reloads. This is all brass that has been shot several times, with mixed head stamps. Some of it has gone through my HK clone some through an AK and some through both.

The AK ejector really slams the rim bending it forward and puhes a small burr outward. I knew the defect was there but it didn’t present a problem with the other guns. The bolts picked the case up and slamed it home without any chambering issue.
I went through about 500 cases checking everyone of them in a Williams case gage, separating any case that was out of spec. I believed the rim was the only problem.
I started turning down the case rims to eliminate the burr. Some of the cases still held a little proud though. A closer examination revealed they had slight bulges in the case head. When I removed about 2 thousands from the head they fit perfectly into the gage. Oddly the primer pockets wete not stretched. I’m probably not going to reload many case fired though the AK in the future.

Today 1000 once fired cases of Lake City 5.56 arrived. I tried 5 cases in the Williams gage and every case almost fit 100%. I’m really wondering what gun they were fired in, because that never happens.