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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>74 wrote:</div>In the larger cities in the US there are so many people ready to go nuts it will be pure hell.

‘They’ are already going nuts. I have worked with the public heavily, on a 7 day a week basis, and believe I have developed an ability to sense a general ‘mood’ or vibrations in the air overall. OK, maybe that sounds a bit woo-woo. But best I can explain. Anyway, ‘people’ our fellow citizens here in the US, whether they are consciously aware or not, are not just ‘worried’ now – they are frightened. I, perhaps mistakenly, believe people are generally ‘good’. However, frightened people, especially when confined, be it a stadium, concert hall, mall, city, town with will go batshit at the drop of a hat.It’s the lemming mentality that comes out. I know researchers have studied this, and have read some of what has been written years ago. But that’s how I chose to digest/recall the basic of it.Mob mentality or whatever.

Yesterday I happened to meet 3 new people in about 2 hours. First, a lady that oversees the little, local recycling dump in this country area. After hello, the first words out of her mouth were, ‘The country is in the toilet. What do you think is going to happen to us?’ Seriously – I had never met this lady before.

Second person. A 70-something lady. Driving down the road (I live in the country) and she is standing waving a stick with a white rag attached to it at the end of a driveway. OK, I stop. Problem? She has an raccoon in her house going apeshit and doesn’t know what to do. Did she call animal control? No. Why? Because she loves animals and don’t want them to hurt ‘him’. OK I am a ******. I let the lady drag me to her house. I look through the storm door into the living room. Yep, there’s a raccoon in there up on the kitchen island rooting about. I told her I was going to go get my gun. Noooooooo she screams and starts wringing her hands. Long and short of it, this lady worked at a bar for years across from a zoo where she would go every day at lunch. Loved animals.Moved out here 5 years ago to ‘be closer to nature’, retire and apparently collect wildlife because ‘the world has gone crazy and no one is helping the animals’. Unhuh. She has 11 cats, 5 dogs, and spends her money buying massive amounts of bird food, dog food etc (saw stacks of 50# bags stacked in there) ….to feed the opossums, raccoons, foxes, squirrels, dear and ‘that darling black bear’ – in her yard, in big bowls – right next to her house so she can watch them. The raccoon now terrorizing her house (most likely now with rabies) , she has been feeding INSIDE the house because he has ‘little hands just like a human’ for 2 years. ‘And Mr Obama needs all the help he can get to save the environment from ‘those Republicans”. Told her I’d be right back – left and called animal control and social services. Lady was a loon.

Third person. Feed store. ’bout to pass a young guy (early 30’s?) in the aisle dressed in Carharts, camo t etc.. ‘Excuse me mam, do you have a sec to help me?’ He has a big platform hand truck and is standing next to a big display of several pallets of canning jars. ‘Sure, watcha need?’, I ask. ‘Well can you hold this carrt steady while I load it? It keeps rolling away.’. ‘Sure’. He proceeds to unload about 1 1/2 pallets worth of jars onto the cart. Hmmm.

So, obviously doing lots of canning – how big is your garden? Watcha growing?’ I ask. ‘Oh, well…I don’t know if I should say really…can I trust you? Well, I guess so he says looking at me and over his shoulder.’

‘You know the **** is coming down big time soon right?’ he whispers? I just look at him
‘Well…I’m canning pot…’cause it’s going to be THE thing people are gonna want and I can trade it for anything I need.’ Unhuh I say.He finishes up. Hands me a card. ‘Thanks for your help. If you ever need any, just give me call. I’m about to start planting soon and should have a great crop by the end of summer.’

Okey Dokey – Rodger that.

<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Malgus wrote:</div>They are here amongst us right now

Yes, Malgus is right. All sorts of oddities about. Pretty darn scarey even if they don’t have a gun!