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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Jay wrote:</div>If there is a mad guy around who might provoke WWIII its Putin.

I disagree. I think Putin is a very, very smart and savvy guy. I’m not a supporter, but that guy is not stupid by any means. If another World War erupts it will be sparked by a small country over something that might seem ‘stupid’ to the world, but is ‘the last straw’ to them…and things will spiral out of control. I would put my money on Israel.They are surrounded by flames right now that show every promise of becoming a bonfire.

China is a menace – I agree with Freedom. Somehow we here in the US are very complacent about them.In the end however, I honestly believe that Russia would help us against them should anything happen on that front. Just my feeble 2 cents.

But this is endless speculation again. It is always something unexpected that triggers sh** in the world isn’t it? I have to use my energy for something more productive that I can control right now :) It is enough to know SHTF IS coming.