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Once again we see the outgrowth of drawing imaginary lines on a map to define a country. In Iraq you have Sunni, Shiite, Kurds, and Turkman sects. Ready to wage war on their old enemies, each other. With the turmoil in Syria, the Iranians have to be very nervous. They lit the grease fire that is Syria, and now they have Iraq boiling over.

I agree with Freedom, if this becomes a regional war, Israel is going to act in it’s best interests. Does anyone seriously think that Israel is going to listen to Obama and Kerry. They knew they could trust Bush, but the latest polls show not even Americans trust Obama.

Latest reports say the ISIS have taken over Iraq’s biggest refinery. As someone else said, Gas will go through the roof, and inflation will not be far behind. We are already seeing a tremendous rise in food prices, without the new turmoil being factored in.

I wonder what Putin is thinking about all of this as he sits on his oil and gas reserves.