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ronym, The illuminati or elites may have plans to depopulate but they love money and assets(land, building, companies) so they are not interested in destroying the cities only the people in the cities. So nuclear bomb is out of the question.

They do like EMP, virus infections, or any other way to eliminate the population without destroying property and assets that they own or want to own in the future.

And if this groups (illuminates) exist they are all over the world elites which means they are Europeans, Americans, Russians, Chinese, and many more from other countries. So that means they all do not want to destroy land by nuclear bombs since the radiation would stay in the land for over 100 years or more. They would make the area none valuable to them. There is no value to them to destroy the cities and only own the farmland.

Also remember that if that were true, then they have plans to control the rural areas by any means. So rural areas would see hell of a war from them.

All they want is to depopulate not destroy. They goal is depopulate and control the population by dictatorship.

This is were I do not think he is right on this one.