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ever heard about agenda 21 ?
or depopulation plan by illuminati or group like that ?
so what we know are, they have a plan to wipe out 3 billion people from planet earth
the interesting part is, it’s match with many event describe in John Titor story
so what we get here are, not only we know this plan are exist
but also how to achieve that goal ( 3 billion dead )
i know… i know… it seems like science fiction movie story
but it’s up to you to make it as possible scenario for “PLAN X” or not
i personally learning many possible future scenario from many perspective ( not just one or two )
because in the future we must deal with different scenario and outcome
which is based on past time or not
like if we want to make plan to survive nuclear war, it is 100% different than conventional war ( some of us ever survive it )
but none of us who ever survive from nuclear blast
so our only source for survival in nuclear war are from survivor of Nagasaki and Hiroshima ( which is maybe we never heard of them exist )