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On the last part Vietnam were Communist, Iraq was a dictator that killed many of there own people, and they are killing them self’s right now again, they are animals. On Afghanistan they are terrorist, dictators, and they treat there women like property, some animals are treated better then the women. So I think this book auther is full of ****.

Then you say that nuclear bombs are going to hit cities but at the end you say(also you know who threaten us(common folk) with their superior authority and gun? yup, you know who) Well that doesn’t sound like city folks to me, it sounds like he is talking about rural farmland folks to me. He has a lot of his facts wrong.

The hole book sounds like fiction to me. Since the 60’s there has been talks of nuclear attacks but everyone know that if there was a nuclear war the planet earth would end, Russia and the U. S. have enough nuclear bombs to radiate the planet. This will never happen. EMP yes since no radiation on the grown will happen except maybe some nuclear plants that heat up.