I beg to differ on the “not overly expensive” comment you made.

I’m all for doing things above-board. But explosives licenses are not cheap.

I already went over what the average Joe need to go through just to apply for one. Classes held only once or twice a year, sometimes in a regional area that might or might not be several hours away. The actual license might not be “that expensive”, but if you have to drive across the state to attend the classes, then that means you have to take out a room nearby for the duration. Fuel, lodgings, food, the classes themselves, etc. That can add up to quite a bit for someone not pulling per diem – someone not working for a big company that’s paying the bills… And you haven’t even applied for your license yet. Once you get it, it’s only good for a short time. I think it’s 3 years… might be only one year. I would have to look again. And when it expires, you have to retake the classes again just to reapply for the license. A far cry from the solid quarter and driver’s license down at the courthouse… it’s not “easy peasey Japanesey” and you’re done.

I believe they made it deliberately difficult for the average Joe to get a blaster’s license. Bad Guys don’t give a ****, so they won’t worry about a license. If you’re a Bad Guy and you’re cranking out stuff that goes “bang”, chances are you are up to something very not good and what’s one more charge heaped on top of the others you’re going to pull? Just like the weapons charges that get plea-bargained away first by the ADA, any paperwork violations – no ‘license’ – will be plea bargained away… only folks who obey the law fear those charges. Bad Guys don’t. And you know it.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1