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I had an idea to build a combination outdoor smoker/dehydrator. My thinking is finding a large commercial warming cabinet and building a fire box under it with vents that can be closed off to each shelf to allow heat but not smoke into the main chamber. The vents can be opened to allow smoke in if I want to smoke. There is a heat difference between dehydrating and smoking so I guess I will have to adjust the amount of heat I am generating below or will have to allow some of the heat to escape. I know in Alaska they use Alder wood a lot for smoking but I guess about any hardwood will do in a pinch. Probably in my area, WV, I could use hickory or cherry if I can get my hands on it. Let me know what you think about my idea and make suggestions. I could probably build it from scratch but there is a surplus of used or damaged commercial equipment around here that I may be able to adapt.