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I am very lucky that we have two survival stores in my area. They have some workshops and you can go to them at very low cost and meet other people. The people are spread all over but at least if you needed to contact them, you would not be a stranger. A barter system can work pretty well. I take the opportunity to invest in friendship with preppers that are within a one hour drive too.

One day you may be on the move and need to stop somewhere safe for the night. I also found a source for a pretty decent folding mountain bike at Walmart for $250. If a person were to get caught 20 to 100 miles from home and all electronics stopped working, it would cut your time to get home in half. Could take you a week to get home from 100 miles, especially if you had to move slow or at night to avoid other people. It would be better to avoid contact with everyone on the way home. If a man is traveling with a woman who only had her work shoes, high heels, with her and trying to get home, you could die for the pair of shoes you have on. She would not be getting home even from 50 miles away wearing high heels and he would know it and do what he had to do to get her home. It seems cruel and inhumane but that is the way people are.