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if you ground a sea can and line inside with wood or other non conductive you have a large Faraday cage for a few thousand and in this time you can get it moved if you need to with everything conveniently inside already. Plus it has built in security with the locks and housings that are standard.

the solar panels that are anti ISLANDING all have chips in them so emp will wipe them out the fuse closed so it wont work. where i live it is code each panel needs to be individually grounded and then the whole array one more time wont stop a massive one but up to a lower x band no problem. the inverters and change controllers will be junk if hit by emp since they need to be close to source (panels) it can cause some problems since they need ventilation and connection to panels which mean incomplete emp protection.

thank god for wind and hydro power.

when buying panels like everything i look to ones that can take most abuse and survive….. the sea going buoys used in north America and the signal ones all use one panel a Day-4 http://day4europe.com/ reason for that. E camion http://www.ecamion.com/ for storage. how good is a deal when it fails and you cant get warranty?