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Mr. Red,
First thing once you get home if you are not home is to see if water is still running since water pressure can stay for hours after the power is down. If you have water you are going to fill up every glass, buck, coolers, anything that can hold water. Without water you are dead and even if you have water stored you still want more.

Then make sure your family is all together and have a meeting to talk about what you think just happen. Food will have to be eaten at a smaller amount per day since this may last two to five years so you will tell them of this. Then you start planning for security since thing will start getting bad two to five day into the EMP attack.

Everyone that can handle a weapon needs to for the future days or weeks from the EMP. Look into you prep cooking supplies since you will need to use that first, I like propane since I have a gas range.

So that is it for the first two days. Plan, plan and more planning for food, water, security, planting seed in the future months and other defense around the house.