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Jay & Selco, My view is that one of the only country to be targeted for an EMP is the U.S. A.

Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Al Qaeda are all looking into attacking the U. S. A. with an EMP attack. To many countries want to take down the U. S. A.

The problem is that they are all waiting for the right time and able to do it right so the U. S. A. is so hit hard that the U. S. A. will have a hard time attacking who did it.

I do not think a total nuclear attack is in the cards, maybe a small nuclear attack on a city from Al Qaeda is it.

But EMP attack is only a U. S. A. problem. All of those countries would want to take us down but since the U. S. A. has so much wealth in land value they since want there money that we owe them.