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Jay to increase freezer size cheaply you can go to a freezer inter-modal container it runs off 24 volt batteries and all you need to do add a few solar panels and charge controller. for 5-10,000 you have a 20x8x8 foot freezer.
Just get an refill kit for the ammonia hydroxide it uses as refrigerant.

the big cans of freeze dried food can be separated into smaller portions and resealed in mason jars way cheaper than the retort packaging and you can control portion size. Also buying as a business or as a buying club drops your price significantly. Dont buy from retail look for the suppliers in town that sell to the store “wholesaler” they give better deals at least 25% cheaper.

practice canning on wood stove it takes a bit of practice to get it just right lol.

as for the Tp thing… i have lots but have opted to equip each toilet with a shower handle to wash after, now you have choice if water plentiful and when water is not or you dont have tp. (well water supplied)