Most off my pots and pans are cast iron that I use daily. It is part of South African culture to have a “braai” – cook on open fire. I enjoy cooking in my cobb – it does not really make any smoke once its going. That may be a good thing one day.

I buy freeze dried food often. I only buy one and eat it first before buying more. You get meals, like bobotie, that is very tasty. We eat freeze dried food when we’re hiking. It is expensive. I would like to stock more.

I do not like canned food. I do the same before buying in bulk – try it first to see if we like it. I only stock up on food that we use often. Only buy good quality brands as well.

I think there is a silent war in the world. People are dying from cancer and other strange illnesses that I think can be prevented by simply eating fresh organic food. That said, it is still better to have any type off food than no food.