Modified humpty dumpty ” All the Tsars horses , and all the Tsars men , couldnt put Imperial Russia back together again ”

Once the shooting starts , The Rebellion will win . Have to remember , in a civil war , its not just OUR families that will be in danger ……….THEIRS will be vulnerable to the same reprisals . Other countries will get involved , and dont count on them all being on the side of the government . Matter of fact ……..the government may find that once it starts heavy ………..they have no friends . Just like in the 4th century AD , there are many countries and people that want to get rid of the Romans once and for all ……………and they did . The pentagram is not exactly the most competent branch of government , they are comprised of desk jockeys and old men waiting for their pension to kick in . They are the same type of people that said WW1 and the Civil War would be over in less than a year .