If you give a mouse a cookie…

@ Selco,

Not a big fan of “social services”. Once upon a time, the poor were taken care of via the church and private donations/organizations, like the Red Cross, etc. Nowadays, governments extort money out of people via “taxes” and then give other people the “free money”. Over here, giving people “free money” only encourages them to not work, not produce and – because some halfwit made a rule that says the more kids you have, the more “free money” you get – we have professional welfare queens who just keep on having kids because it means more money from the State…

In a normally functioning society that has a robust economy and folks actually produce wealth – and the number of “poor” people is relatively small – then social services works. But over here, the parasites now outnumber the producers… which means you can never pay for them all at our current tax rate. So, they can squeeze the producers for even more, or they can “borrow” currency from The Fed. But this is just robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s just a trick, and it cannot go on forever. Eventually, it will crash. And all that that means…

@ Leopard

You said “And then I wish that governments will stop being so stupid – if you are not clever enough to make good decisions for your nation – at least allow the clever people to give some advice. If only people would stop breaking things down and start building… There will be less people begging. And for the lazy people begging – its the stupid people giving them money fault that they are still there begging.”

The current trend is to play one group of people off of another. The ANC and their cronies got into office by playing the Race Card. They stay in office by playing the blacks off the whites. They promise one group of people “free stuff and free money” because they have convinced them that somehow they are “owed” this by the other group of people… and people fall for this nonsense, continuing to vote in the same evil bastards over and over… those in power only want to stay in power and increase their power, nothing more. There is very little altruism in politics.. once upon a time, folks did what was best for their country. Now they do what’s best for themselves…

As far as building things instead of breaking things… well, I’m not going to venture an opinion on that. Just say that some people are meant to build and create, while others only leave destruction in their wake…


When my wife and I were first married, I drove a Jeep – a CJ7. She had an Opel Corsa. Ended up selling the Jeep. You know how it is when you’re first married… never enough money. I called her car “The McDonald’s Toy”. It was dinky. First time I drove it, I felt like a McDonald’s toy. Only way I was really comfortable driving it was with the sunroof open – when it was closed, I kept banging my head on the glass.

This is an Opel Corsa… except for the color, this was our car.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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