We’ve got people begging on almost every street corner. Some you will find at the same place everyday. They’ve learned not to approach my vehicle. I’ve got ways to prevent them from looking into my vehicle. You stop in advance and drive forward if they get to close. They get aggressive often and will try to scratch your car with a stone – that is when I use pepper spray. I report them and have them removed. Some beggars stand on their knees in the middle of the road. – drivers can barely see them. You really need to drive careful not to hit them. Babies get used often. They get told to leave if the police is doing their work in the area. The babies are most of the time dehydrated if tested.

I do tip car guards if they treat me with respect and keep their distance. I talk to some often to get information about the area. Most car guards in SA do not earn a salary. They collect tips and to make it even worse ! need to give about R20 each day to some boss who ‘organised’ the job. In Johannesburg area most car guards are Congolese and speak French.

I do feel sorry for old people. Sometimes you can see how they loose weight. And then I wish that governments will stop being so stupid – if you are not clever enough to make good decisions for your nation – at least allow the clever people to give some advice. If only people would stop breaking things down and start building… There will be less people begging. And for the lazy people begging – its the stupid people giving them money fault that they are still there begging.