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Politics is bullshit. The real power is located at places like Wall Street. They divide the world in different administrative areas or zones to facilitate control of everything, that control is used to make money and gain favorable positions to make even more. Politicans and “democratic” systems within all of these administrative zones are rarely anything more then pawns in a game of smoke and mirrors to confuse the public, and by calling these administrative zones “countries” with different names instead of just Zone 1, Zone 2 or Zone 3 is a huge part of that game.

When it comes to nazis in Ukraine I don’t know that much. I guess some far right and nationalistic political groups got alot of public support during the inital stages of the crisis, not because alot of Ukrainians are nazis but simply because those groups showed force at the barricades. Even some Swedish nazis travelled to Ukraine to join their “brothers” in the struggle, those guys are extreme. They’ve been involved in terrorism and even murder in Sweden. One of the guys who went to Ukraine even did it to hide after he and some other guys from his group stabbed four guys from my extended network. Those groups play a big game, and their fantasy is to stage a coup and overthrow the government. Over here they’ll probably never succeed but even an attempt could spark stuff up and cause massive civil unrest and S will definately hit the F then…

"Certainly We have created man to struggle" - Qur'an 90:4