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Thanks for the caring response. I think I need to clarify a few things before I continue though. This thread is about SHTF-experiences out of a survivalist perspective. As I mentioned I haven’t experienced things like severe hurricanes, floods or plane crashes but I still think I have gotten alot of important lessons by just living a life that has sometimes been really shitty, pardon my French. This means that even though I don’t feel like I exaggerated anything, please have in mind that I only mentioned the bad (topic related) parts of my life in my first post. I’ve had alot of good times, met alot of good people and my childhood was great.

Thank you, looking forward to get the time (hopefully within the next few weeks) to catch up and really get to know this board aswell.

I know what you mean but then again, what is messed up and who says I’m not? :P

I understand. We all wish our loved ones would never endure any kind of pain or suffering and as long as you’re aware of reality and keep yourself somewhat prepared thats fine. Thank you for your kind words.

Thank you freedom. Perhaps, and perhaps not. I know I might have better odds then the average Joe over here due to my views upon things but obviously also through experience and prepardness. But I don’t know how I would react in situations I haven’t been in, and I feel like I barely made it so far so I’m not planning on staying here long enough to find out.

I can understand that you, and all of you guys for that matter, must be curious since I made my life sound like a bad movie script. If I ever share my whole story with the world I’ll let you all know. However I thank you and I often feel the same, I’m glad you felt inspired by reading my post.

"Certainly We have created man to struggle" - Qur'an 90:4