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Arbitrary amounts of ammunition is just another excuse to invade your privacy, enter your home without a warrant or any warning whatsoever…

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You think they won’t try that ****? Clinton was looking at hiring Chinese police to round up guns since our own police were considered “unreliable” at the time… of course, our police are much more “reliable” these days…

I think they may try to “regulate” ammo but a real law, unlikely, there are too many gun owners out there.

Going door to door, doubtful at best, especially outside the beltways.
Why? Several reasons.
First, your rank and file bluesuiter isn’t suicidal. He knows that going door to door is only going to get those trying to gain entry shot.
He knows that it only takes one instance of some 85 year old WWII vet with a Garand and a bando of black tip to not just ruin his day, but to spark that circular motion that so many want.

Secondly, with cell phones, internet and 24/7 news, it couldn’t be kept quiet and the second it got out, thousands upon thousands of bolts would slam home on live rounds and eyes would peer out of windows, waiting.

Thirdly, there are a lot more ex military guys out there than active. They know the same tricks, the same tactics and how to defend against the same. Same for ex cops.

You start a war with the “hunters of men”, pushing men who will not be pushed and the result will not be pretty.

There will always be idiots like that Connecticut cop who said he wanted to go door to door, but those are the exception not the rule.
Much like self proclaimed patriots who are nothing more than murdering skinheads.

The number of active LEOs runs around 780000 for the country.
That’s few, very few for something as brazen as this, even if one could get them all to do it. And I don’t know a one who would out of several hundred officers and deputies.