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two biggest things in evasion is to be able to avoid dogs only a few ways to do that. using pepper oil around your feet and ankles messes up scent, knowing what ground to use to hide your tracks and how to make a false trail. gong over rocky ground where you can hop from rock to rock is a very hard place to track you will make group circle the whole rocky region for trails burning up time giving you more. Water works but leaves you wet and can be easy place to have an ankle give out. Getting on to transport is a super high priority much harder when chase involves vehicle ie trains, long haul truck,

escape, depends on situation best things are the things you have on you before the confinement, there are


there are also ceramic and non metal thin blades that can be taped to the body using flesh colored tape too.

escape is about mind set and endurance best chances are at very start longer they have you more secure the facility will be farther from your help. There are other things you can do to learn to mentally toughen yourself, but never delude yourself you can withstand all out “information gathering techniques”

and well cardio Cardio CARDIO no run no escape.