<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>74 wrote:</div>Freedom it will grow anywhere. Around my place if you move the dirt the next day it starts germinating and in a week it’s 4″ tall or more.

74, it’s about that way here too. They were all over my friend’s garden among the weeds. I transplanted a few and they are about 40″ tall after about 3 weeks. The volunteers in our back yard are shorter–growing in the shade–but healthy.

I also have found several dock plants–long narrow leaves around the base which are edible and taste lemon-y tart. The seed head is growing tall now and will ripen into brown by fall. Ate some leaves a few weeks ago–Bushrat feels they are too sour but I like them. I tried dandelion but it gets bitter too quickly–will use it in an emergency.

My thinking is, if I put a few of these “weeds” in neglected corners (like the tight, gravelly strip between our carport and the neighbors’ fence) and just let them grow, they will be here when I need them. Instead of working to destroy them like most people, just keep them for backup.