Here in Oklahoma USA, something I have found growing prolifically is “Lamb’s Quarters”. Technically a weed, it is extremely nutritious. Bushrat and I eat it fairly often. High in Vitamin C and many other essential nutrients (less than a half cup of cooked greens provides well over 100% of Vit C which will prevent scurvy.) For nutritional information see: http://www.foodscout.org/food/lambsquarters.html

I pulled up some from my friend’s garden and planted a row in my own. (Other friends are laughing at me. Maybe they won’t after stuff is no longer available in supermarkets ;) ) Another patch is volunteering behind our carport under a pecan tree–so it will grow in the shade as well as full sun. And yes, in my garden plot they are growing like–well, weeds… I think they are an annual but they certainly self seed everywhere. (My mother taught me about them in NJ, and they are widespread across NA and Europe.)

Leaves are smallish but plentiful. Taste is like spinach. Once it gets large and the stems become tough, I just strip the leaves off the stems. Boil or steam, add butter if you have it, and enjoy! (Stay healthy too!)